got back today from my trip up and down the west coast, and i'm beat. 9 days in a car that smells like a dog's feet can wear on you, no matter what beautiful sights you see along the way. i can accurately measure those things against each other too because i did see some really beautiful things along the way.

ksenia, foxy and i packed our bags into my durango and headed north up the 101 last saturday morning. the first day we stopped in crescent city for the night, the most northerly city on the california coast. the second day was the best of the whole trip. it started with a walk on the beach in the early morning watching the fog burn off, progressed through the redwood forest, meandered up the oregon coast stopping to ride atv's on the sand dunes and wound up in vancouver, washington with a work out and a swim in the hotel pool while watch highlights of the nfl games that i missed during the day. for me, you can't get much better than that.

from there we spent 2 days in seattle, took the ferry to victoria for a day, took the ferry back to vancouver for 2 days, then took 2 days to drive home stopping at factory outlet malls and the steaming crater of mt. st. helens along the way. a whirl wind tour of the pacific northwest to say the least. some random observations of the trip, in more or less chronilogical order:

a. redwoods are really really big and old. you can see the ones that have died and fallen and how new life is created by the trauma. they make you think about your place on earth and other weighty subjects. it's also always very quiet in a redwood forest, which makes you feel like you should whisper when you talk, which i find weird, but i can't help but do it anyway.

b. 1 hour on an atv in the sand dunes is pretty much enough to get the gist of it.

c. i have yet to actually see any part of portland not visible from the freeway. from that vantage point there just doesn't seem to be a reason to stop.

d. redmond must have the biggest dog park in the world. every city should have one of those.

e. i wouldn't mind if the ferry to victoria was a little more spartan if that would make it cheaper.

f. how many more high rises can they fit into yaletown? they've been building them there non-stop for forever.

g. the canadian dollar is really cramping my shopping on trips back home, but not as much as the dearth of things i'd like to buy. clothes shopping in vancouver was a complete whiff.

h. mt st helens isn't really worth the 4 hour detour to go see it. maybe if the mountain was a little more rambunctious it would be more interesting. btw, the weird test pattern trees (that image is not doctored) on the drive up to the crater viewing sight will give you motion sickness if you watch them too long. i kept expecting to see a crappy 3d rendering materialize out of the background.

i. i really miss my friends.

here's some more pics from the trip: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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