how things change

i've noticed something creeping into my blogs lately: excuses for why i haven't written in my blog much lately. i've actually held back from excusing myself more because i thought it was going to get annoying very fast. (now i just write a couple entries at a time and backdate them to look like i'm still blogging (shh, don't tell)) the fact is that excuses for not finding the time to do something are a sham. if something is important you will find the time to do it. the reason that i haven't been writing in my blog as much as i used to is that my priorities are shifting and blogging is becoming less important than other things in my life. well one thing really, and her name is ksenia. girlfriends change a lot of things in your life, not the least of which is how you spend your time. blogging was a relatively fun way to spend time, but it falls a lot farther down the list now.

that's not an excuse though, just an explanation.

my weekend

my memorial weekend road trip started out sunday on the least beautiful stretch of road in california (880 though oakland/alameda) and ended on the most beautiful (17 mile drive in monterey). monterey is spectacular all over but the area around pebble beach golf course still manages to stand out. i guess that's why homes there can cost 36 million.

the whole trip was a big loop down through san jose to monterey and then up the coast along highway 1 back to san francisco and home. highway 1 is a big favorite of mine so the trip down was predictably less exciting than the trip back. all the ocean scenery and the beach towns (monterey, aptos, capitola, santa cruz, half moon bay, pacifica) are picturesque. the stretch of highway 1 on the olympic penninsula in washington state is same way. i tell you, it was a hard thing to go back to an office with no windows after that.

the other "big event" of the weekend was accidentally seeing "the day after tomorrow". i know i railed disaster movies just the other day but this one was ... well, the same crap. i got tricked into going to see it by a couple good reviews and then it wound up being exactly what i had originally expected it to be - cheesy, and with way too many american flags. i don't understand why movie makers feel that they have to take everything in a movie to absolutely ridiculous extremes. why do cg wolves have to try to eat people who just got drenched by a 200 foot wave, are on the verge of being frozen by a killer land hurricane while searching for a cure for gangrene? what mental disfunction prevents them from making a movie that is remotely believable? i think the answer is that these kinds of movies exist for the sole purpose of advertising computer graphics rendering technology. at least i went to the matinee and didn't pay full price for it. small consolation, but still.

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