new pics

added a couple pictures to the gallery - a reminder of my mophead phase, a couple pics of my bike and a nice one of foxy. hopefully i'll be getting a camera in the near future and can keep a more steady visual chronicle of my life. up to this point i have never owned a camera and so relied on the kindness of girlfriends to lend me theirs. hence almost no pictures have been taken of me during my bachelor periods, apart from family functions and the like. it's like looking at your life through a filter.

sadly the motorcycle is already in the shop. some clown backed into it while i was having lunch and crushed the kickstand and cracked the oil pan. funny, i only had it for 350 miles but i was really getting used to it and haven't been happy at all to go back to the big pig of a durango for everyday driving. hopefully i'll get it back in the next couple weeks before the gas bill bankrupts me.

anyway, enjoy.

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