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it's been a while, stuff has happened. the most momentous bit is that my girlfriend and i have bought a townhouse and moved in together. it was a big purchase, and there is a fair to good chance that housing prices will plummet in the next year or so and drag the economy down with them so it came with a healthy amount of fear attached. thing is, living in my own place that is 2.5 times bigger than my apartment was and is a 2 minute walk from work really makes up for any economic uncertainty right now. i find that i listen to a lot less radio, and buy a lot less gas than i used to, but those are sacrifices that i'm willing to make.

it's funny, there is a palpable difference between living in a rented place, and one you own. in a rented place, if you don't like something you live with it because moving is a pain in the ass. in a place you own the imperfections nag you and force you to pay substantial sums of money. owning means you have to care. that's not a subtle shift in thinking, or a cheap one. all i can say is this better be worth it.

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