how things change

i've noticed something creeping into my blogs lately: excuses for why i haven't written in my blog much lately. i've actually held back from excusing myself more because i thought it was going to get annoying very fast. (now i just write a couple entries at a time and backdate them to look like i'm still blogging (shh, don't tell)) the fact is that excuses for not finding the time to do something are a sham. if something is important you will find the time to do it. the reason that i haven't been writing in my blog as much as i used to is that my priorities are shifting and blogging is becoming less important than other things in my life. well one thing really, and her name is ksenia. girlfriends change a lot of things in your life, not the least of which is how you spend your time. blogging was a relatively fun way to spend time, but it falls a lot farther down the list now.

that's not an excuse though, just an explanation.

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