a week's worth of random thoughts

two things on the brain recently, movies and playoffs. i was sick over the weekend with yet another sinus thing so i spent a lot of time on my couch watching dvds and sports. here are my thoughts, in no particular order.

in retrospect, people in the 70s had a comical view of utopia, at least as it was portrayed in logan's run. for what it's worth you couldn't film my utopian vision using a southern california mall as a set, although my utopia might wind up being a little bit disco.

good will hunting was actually a pretty good movie. sometimes you look back on movies you thought were good and find them lacking from a more recent perspective but that was not the case here. i forgot how well robin williams played his role.

calgary must be rocking these days. makes me wish i was up there for some of the fun. i'm the biggest bandwagon fan because the only times i've ever cheered for the flames was when they were in the stanley cup finals, but go flames.

minnesota is doomed, indiana is done. detroit will put up a good fight but succumb to the lakers, as much because of favoritism as skill and bulk (aka kobe and shaq). the nba has more in common with professional wrestling than with any real sport in terms of a level playing field. who you are determines what calls you get. it's like watching figure skating, and that's why i care less and less each year. when does the nfl season start?

will the disaster movie genre ever die? how many more movies can they make whose entire plot consists of "giant wave/storm/asteroid/monster wrecks los angeles/new york/washington d.c."? there's something freudian about the whole thing.

and finally, being sick sucks - unless you have someone sweet to be sick with.

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