the pseudo-science of taste

this week i dicovered pomegranate juice. i don't mean i invented it, i just found it at the grocery store and bought some. according to the makers it's by far the highest concentration of antioxidants in juice form. according to me it's delicious, but i do also like taking it to those bastard free radicals.

but don't trust my opinion unless your taste is similar to mine. my taste buds are tuned to very tart things like straight cranberry juice and sour patch kids, yours may not be. taste is a very personal thing. i'll eat almost anything, but some people are very picky. nothing wrong with that either way, it's all just how your neurons interact when presented with particular stimuli.

it is hard sometimes though to account for other people's taste, even when you can see clear patterns. soccer moms love mini vans. germans love david hasselhoff. watching the brick and board breaking competition on espn tonight it's clear that people who like kung fu also like 80s hair styles. i have to think that there is some genetic factor at work at some level. whatever it is that makes you want to break a brick with your elbow must be physically related to whatever it is that makes you think a rat tail with a mohawk is cool.

still, there's no excuse for david hasselhoff.

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