the movie that launched a thousand something

went to see troy tonight. i'm not a person that makes a habit of seeing summer blockbusters on the opening night but it looked like it could be good and getting tickets to any movie in marin isn't hard considering there's a theatre for every 10 people in the county.

it's not exactly historically accurate, but then the story of the trojan war is a legend not the washington post. brad pitt was looking a bit puffy, like someone over-inflated him. he and eric bana took turns looking stoic, or solemn, or stolid but they're both buff and take their shirts off a lot so no one minded. all i know is that i never need to see brad's ass again. the actress who played helen was probably the 5th prettiest girl in the movie, after the girl who played eric bana's wife, a couple of the extras and orlando bloom. odd casting choice for the face that launched a thousand ships. brian cox lived up to his name, dicking everyone around as the megalomaniacal agamemnon. just in case you didn't get the point that he was a bad man early, he hammers it home in every scene. most of the characters were painted with a pretty wide brush, so that wasn't a big surprise.

overall impression = easily mocked but quite enjoyable.

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