fresh perspective

it's been a while since i've posted and that's because my folks arrived on wednesday and i've been pretty busy since they got here. they've had the premium package tour of the area - mt. tam, muir woods, muir beach, golden gate bridge, coit tower, fisherman's wharf, marina, giants game, marin civic center, napa wine tasting and a whole lot of shopping. it's been an exhausting few days for everyone but at the same time it's made my surroundings fresher to see other people experience them for the first time. there's a ton of very interesting stuff around here, and it's a huge shame when it becomes familiar and mundane.

it's aways been a little weird to have my parents come visit me in places i live. i'm definitely a different person when i go back home than i am when i'm living by myself (although moreso in the past than now) so it causes a little cognitive dissonance when the two worlds collide. it also makes me evaluate my lifestyle in a new light, which is good. not that there's anything radical about my lifestyle in the grand scheme of things, but my roots are fairly extreme in their conservatism.

introspection is a healthy thing, and paradoxically looking inside yourself is helped most by seeing how other people see you. things that i take for granted about my life are completely foreign to my parents and having them around illuminates those aspects. i have such a weird mix of experiences that i can't imagine anyone else parallelling them in their own life. maybe that's true for everyone, we're all unique after all. in any event, probing the differences between my point of view and other peoples' is a good way to ask interesting questions about the underlying structure of my personality. it makes me investigate whether i like me, and if i'd want to hang around me. asking those questions has been the strongest impetus for change in my life because i've often disliked the answers. i'm not saying that i believe what everyone else thinks of me, but getting outside yourself gives you a fresh perspective and that can be a welcome push out of a rut.

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