creative accounting

picking something to blog about has always been a passive exercise for me - just wait for inspiration to hit and then go with it. that goes a long way to explaining the irregular schedule of updates i've followed, and the random assortment of topics i've written about. sometimes when i'm awash in interesting stimulus there's a cascading flow of ideas and i have to pick just one at a time, and other times nothing seems to strike my fancy (but i think that's partly because my fancy isn't a very big target).

it's not always a lack of energy at the root of the dry spells either. art for me is much the same way. i like to draw, but if i'm not inspired to draw i quickly lose interest or get frustrated and shift my efforts to other activities. i haven't been very inspired to draw for literally years now. that skill has been put on the back burner while my creativity has been channelled into my job and other new experiences and activities like computer art, photography and yes, blogging. my zeal for art is not dead, just dormant, waiting for the right gust of fresh air to catch its sail.

the thing i haven't figured out is what triggers the shift of focus. sometimes i discover a new thing that i haven't tried before and want to explore the possibilities, but many times i come back to a past enthusiasm and resurrect it. if i had more control over the process i'd have wanted to spend more time drawing over the last few years. it's an ennobling activity, and one with a tangible reward that can be shared. i'd be a more consistent blogger too.

i think though that creativity is better served by unpredictability. it should be a bolt of lightning not the tick of a metronome, otherwise it too would become tedious like duty and obligation. but that doesn't mean that i don't want to stand next to the lightning rod to make sure i get zapped as much as possible.

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